5/8" Security Scan Free Safety Lanyards Make Your Security Scan Safe

High Quality, Heavy Duty & Security Scan Safe
14 Different Colors Of Lanyard Straps
3 Styles Of Security Scan-Free Safety Hardware Attachments For Your Selection!
On Special Sale Now!
Combine Lanyard Colors and Hardware Attachments
To Get Total Price Break!

In-Stock Lanyard Straps: 5/8"(D)x34"(L)

Lanyard Material: Thick & Heavy Duty Polyester.

14 Colors Of Lanyard Straps For Your Selection:

  • 1. Black Color
  • 2. Royal Blue Color
  • 3. Navy Blue Color
  • 4. Red Color
  • 5. Dark Green Color
  • 6. Light Green Color
  • 7. Burgundy Color
  • 8. Gray Color
  • 9. Orange Color
  • 10. Pink Color
  • 11. Purple Color
  • 12. Teal Color
  • 13. White Color
  • 14. Yellow Color

3 X-Ray Free Hardware Attachments Available:

  • 1. -PK Plastic Swivel Hooks
  • 2. -BC Plastic Badge Clips
  • 3. -PO Plastic O-Rings

Note: >The standard pricing comes with -BC plastic badge clips.

If you choose other hardware attachments, $0.15/each will be added automatically.

Special Offer Now! > Different colors of lanyards and different styles of hardware attachments can be added up to get the total quantity price break!

The security scan-free safety lanyards come with all-plastic hardware attachments. There are no metal components or parts on the whole security scan-free safety lanyard. You can pick the location of where you want the breakaway buckle placed on the scan-safe lanyard. These high quality lanyards make your badges for security checking much easier. The comfortable, heavy-duty, plain colored neck lanyards come in 14 different colors with more than three hardware attachments available. It is a great, high-quality and versatile indentification lanyard badge holder capable of long-term wear.

Great Add-On: Easy To Add-On-More Universal Cell Phone Strings

Custom Length: Any custom length available: only + $0.10 / each, per extra inch - please call us!
Custom Imprint Available: Please check our custom imprinted lanyard section
Custom Color: Any custom Pantone color straps available with a minimum order of 3,000 pcs.
Custom Hardware: A variety of custom hardware attachments, buckles or connectors available.

ItemNo: LY-UL-1S/Per-Piece
Your Factory Direct Wholesale Price Low as $1.50 / each
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For Larger Order 1,000+ Please Call 1-800-921-5523 or
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