Sub Categories

As a leading lanyard manufacturer, we provide low cost and high quality ID name badge lanyards for schools, government agencies, military, businesses, churches, hospitals and events with factory-direct, wholesaler's prices.
We carry a large inventory of plain & patterned lanyards with a great selection of colors, designs & printed patterns.
Plain lanyards are available in black, red, royal blue, navy blue, white, dark green, light green, orange, gold, gray, teal, purple, brown, burgundy, yellow, pink, and red-white-blue stripe colors.
Pre-printed patterned lanyards are available in jungle camouflage, leopard print, cow print, blue plaid, red plaid, happy faces, zebra print, tiger print, modern art, sunflower, reflective, red-white-blue stripes, Hawaiian theme, desert camo, fashion denim, checkered flag, shamrock flower, retro stripes - glow in the dark, process blue - glow in the dark, USA landmarks & animal paw print.