1 1/2" Thick Strap Heavy-Duty Tool Belt Suspender Clips Without Plastic PVC Teeth: Nickel Color

1 1/2" For Thick Straps
Heavy-Duty Tool Belt
Metal Suspender Clip
Without A Plastic Insert
On Special Sale Now!
Material: Steel Metal
CM-1001-38's heavy-duty feature includes an extra wide border for the 1 1/2" wide strap opening. This metal suspender clip can accommodate for thick straps. It can be used to make tool belt or heavy-weight work wear suspenders.

No matter what sort of strap material you are using, whether it is nylon or elastic, polyester or plastic, you will be able to easily thread the material through the strap eye.


  • 1. Standard, In-Stock Color: Nickel
  • 2. Standard pricing shown only applies to the Nickel color
  • 3. Optional colors: Gold, Brass, Antique Brass and Black Painted finishes available. Minimum order required - Call for pricing and delivery schedule
ItemNo: CM-1001-38
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