Red, Blue, Green & Gold Color Luggage Tag Ball Chains: Wholesale 6" Luggage Nametag Chains

6" Colored Luggage Tag Chains
Wholesale Luggage Name Tag Ball Chains
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In-Stock Size: 3/32"(D)x6"(L)

Color Of Metal Ball Chains: Gold, Red, Blue and Green

We sell 6" colored ball chains in bags of 10 pcs.
Pricing shown = Per Bag of 10 pcs. Gold Color +$0.15 / per bag extra.

Our 6", high quality ball chains come in 4 different colors consisting of gold, blue, red or green. These handy ball chains can be used as fasteners for luggage tags, name tags, ID tags, key tags or small hardware accessories.

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Great Add-On: Easy To Add-On-More Universal Cell Phone Strings

Custom Hardware: A variety of custom hardware attachments, buckles or connectors available.

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