Cord Fasteners: Metal Clamps: Fasten Craft Cords or Lanyard Straps

Cord Fasteners
Metal Clamps
For Fastening Craft Cords or Lanyard Straps.

Material: Steel Metal
Fit Cord Size: 1/8"(D)
Fit Strap Size: 1/8", 3/8" or 5/8"(W)

The 9/16" (small) metal coupler/cord fastener works great with craft cords or flat lanyards. Keep your attachments in place by using a coupler. The fastener comes with small teeth at the bottom and sides to securely hold your lanyard in place once it has been clamped closed. This safety feature prevents lanyards from slipping even under stress.

**For recommended, easy assembly, use with Hand Press (HP-3140) and specific Die-Sets.

Clamping Machine
The die-sets and couplers will fit Hand Press (HP-3140).

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