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Unlimited Numbers of Stainless Steel Wire Linkable Together To Make Longer Cable
Manufacturer's Factory-Direct Supplier of Stainless Wires - Low Wholesale Pricing To The General Public!
Large Supply of Wholesale Stainless Wires, Security Lanyards, Metal Cable Ropes, Stainless Wire Key Rings, Key Tag Binders. With Low Bulk-Order Prices
As a factory-direct wholesaler and manufacturer, we are capable of providing heavy-duty stainless steel wire supplies with miscellaneous applications. The corrosive resistant stainless wires come with threaded connectors. The threaded screw connectors provide a great locking, extended length linking and secured locking function. We provide small, thin and big & thick thicknees stainless wires. From small to extra large sizes, any custom lenght of stainless wire rings with screw locks are available!