5/8" Ez-Adjustable Double End Plain Neck Lanyards With Two Attachments

High Quality, Heavy Duty & Ez-Adjustable
14 Different Colors Of Lanyard Straps
20 Assorted Styles Of Hardware Attachments For Your Selection!
On Special Sale Now!
Can Combine Lanyard Colors and Hardware Attachments
To Get Total Price Break!

In-Stock Lanyard Straps: 5/8"(D)x34"(L)

Lanyard Material: Thick & Heavy Duty Polyester.

Note: Compatible Badge Holders
1. BH-180H-2H: 4"(w)x3"(h)
2. BH-180V-2H: 3"(w)x4"(h)
3. BH-4573-2H: 4"(w)x6"(h)
4. BH-4590: 4"(w)x8"(h).

14 Colors Of Lanyard Straps For Your Selection:

  • 1. Black Color
  • 2. Royal Blue Color
  • 3. Navy Blue Color
  • 4. Red Color
  • 5. Dark Green Color
  • 6. Light Green Color
  • 7. Burgundy Color
  • 8. Gray Color
  • 9. Orange Color
  • 10. Pink Color
  • 11. Purple Color
  • 12. Teal Color
  • 13. White Color
  • 14. Yellow Color

20 Hardware Attachments Available:

  • 1. -Ez-HK Ez-Adjustable Swivel Hooks
  • 2. -Ez-BC Ez-Adjustable Badge Clips
  • 3. -Ez-ST Ez-Adjustable Badge Straps
  • 4. -Ez-O Nickel Color Ez-Adjustable Key Rings
  • 5. -Ez-O Black Nickel Color Ez-Adjustable Key Rings
  • 6. -Ez-O Gold Color Ez-Adjustable Key Rings
  • 7. -Ez-O Antique Brass Color Ez-Adjustable Key Rings
  • 8. -Ez-O Antique Copper Color Ez-Adjustable Key Rings
  • 9. -Ez-CP1 Ez-Adjustable Universal Cell Phone Strings
  • 10. -Ez-CP2 Ez-Adjustable & Detachable Universal Strings +$1.00/ea lanyard
  • 11. -Ez-CP-B Ez-Adjustable Heavy Duty Universal Strings +$5.00/ea lanyard
  • 12. -Ez-230 Nickel Color Heavy Duty Trigger Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 13. -Ez-230 Black Nickel Color Heavy Duty Trigger Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 14. -Ez-230 Gold Color Heavy Duty Trigger Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 15. -Ez-230 Antique Brass Color Trigger Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 16. -Ez-600 Nickel Color Heavy Duty Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 17. -Ez-600 Black Nickel Color Heavy Duty Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 18. -Ez-600 Gold Color Heavy Duty Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 19. -Ez-600 Antique Brass Color Heavy Duty Hooks +$0.90/ea lanyard
  • 20. Optional: Adjustable Lanyard Slider: +$0.25/ea

Note: >The standard pricing comes with -Ez-HK, -Ez-BC, -Ez-ST, -Ez-CP or -Ez-O at both ends.
If you choose -EZ-230 or -EZ-600 at both ends then an extra $0.45 / each end x 2 ends = $0.90 / per lanyard will be added automatically.

Special Offer Now! > Different colors of lanyards and different styles of hardware attachments can be added up to get the total quantity price break!

Double-ended lanyards are becoming more and more popular! The reason consumers are moving towards double-ended neck lanyards or neck straps is that the two hardware attachments can make your name badges or identification more balanced when worn! The comfortable, heavy-duty, Ez-Adjustable double-ended safety neck lanyards are available in 14 different colors with more than 20 hardware attachments to choose from. It is a great, high-quality lanyard with flexibility and long-time wear. You can easily open the buckle on the Ez-Adjustable connector, cut the length of lanyard straps, and adjust to the best fit-length.

Great Add-On: Easy To Add-On-More Universal Cell Phone Strings

Custom Length: Any custom length available: only + $0.10 / each, per extra inch - please call us!
Different Attachmet At Each End: You can pick differnt hardware attachment at each end - please call us!
Custom Imprint Available: Please check our custom imprinted lanyard section
Custom Color: Any custom Pantone color straps available with a minimum order of 3,000 pcs.
Custom Hardware: A variety of custom hardware attachments, buckles or connectors available.

ItemNo: LY-404HD-DA-Ez/Per-Piece
Your Factory Direct Wholesale Price Low as $1.45 / each
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