Heavy Duty Fabric Straps: Plain Color Polyester Straps By The Spool (Roll) / 300 ft - 5/8" (W)

Heavy-Duty Polyester Straps
Sold By The Spool (Roll)
For Crafts, handbags or Lanyard Making!
On Special Sale Now!
Combine 14 Colors To Get Price Break!

Material: Flat, Polyester
Strap Size: 5/8"(W)
Spool: Roll of 300 feet = 100 Yards

14 Colors Of Lanyard Straps For Your Selection:

  • 1. Black Color
  • 2. Royal Blue Color
  • 3. Navy Blue Color
  • 4. Red Color
  • 5. Dark Green Color
  • 6. Light Green Color
  • 7. Burgundy Color
  • 8. Gray Color
  • 9. Orange Color
  • 10. Pink Color
  • 11. Purple Color
  • 12. Teal Color
  • 13. White Color
  • 14. Yellow Color

Make your own lanyards. Customize the length of purse and bag carrier straps as well as leashes. Simply measure the material and cut using a heat-cutter to avoid fraying at the ends.

The heavy-duty fabric material, when worn, is comfortable and great for long-term use. ST-404HD is available in 14 different plain colors on a spool with 300 feet (100 yards) of material to work with.

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Great Add-On: Easy To Add-On More Universal Cell Phone Strings

ItemNo: ST-404HD/Per-Spool-300Ft
Market Price $140.00
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