Ball Chain Connectors: Necklace Clasps Fit 2.4mm Metal Bead Balls Nickel Finish

Ball Chain Connectors - Nickel Color
Wholesale Ball Chain Necklace Clasps

Connector Size: Fit 3/32"(D) or 2.4mm(D) Metal Balls

Color Of Metal Connector: Nickel Color

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The nickel ball chain connectors or metal ball chain necklace clasps are great for hand crafters to connect different length of neck chains or ball chains from ends to ends. You can plug-in the metal ball into the connector or clasp by finger easily without special tool needed.

From manufacturer factory direct rescources to general public buyers with wholesale low price. The ball chain connectors or ball chain necklace clasps can fit 2.4mm diameter metal bead balls with nickel finish color.

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