Small Sample Order: Braided Nylon & Metallic Cords: By The Foot - 1/32" (D)

Sample Order
Braided Nylon & Metallic Cords
Sold By The Foot
For Crafts or Fashion Accessories Making!

Material: Metallic Nylon Cord
Cord Size: 0.7mm(D) = 1/32"(D)

Only need a small amount? Our cords are available in sample size orders. Order by the foot! Great for individual craft-makers and designers as well as production samples. This item is great for arts and crafts as well as fashion accessories. Be creative. Use the cord to the best of your imagination!

The CD-007 is available in metallic gold and metallic silver. One of our thinnest cords measuring in at 0.7 mm in diameter (D) (1/32" D).

2 Colors of 1/32"(D) Metallic Nylon Cords Available:

  • 1. Metallic Gold Color
  • 2. Metallic Silver Color

Note: > All items sold by the foot, such as cords, rhinestone chains, etc., is considered a custom order, and therefore, can not be returned or exchanged.

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ItemNo: CD-007-Metallic-Color/Per-Foot
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