10" Corrosion Resistant Cable Lanyards: Rust Resistant


  • 1. Green
  • 2. Nickel
  • 3. Black
  • 4. Blue
  • 5. White
  • 6. Red
  • 7. Yellow
The 10" corrosion resistant cable lanyards are great rust resistant models. The two-loop corrosion resistant cable lanyards are great fasteners for parts, sports devices, marines, hand tools and industrial mechanic assemblies. Our color coated stainless cable loops are rust-resistant and can be used in salt water as marine security lanyards as well.

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Terms & Conditions: For Custom Order

    • 1. No Cancellation, No Exchange and No Return - Once the Custom Order is Placed.
    • 2. Factory Lead Time: Apx. 21 Business Days (Shipping Time Not Included).
    • 3. Longer Time Needed For 10,000+ Pcs.
    • 4. Payment Terms: Prepay 100%.
    • 5. Call For More Details.

Custom Size: A variety of custom wire lengths, wire thicknesses or wire connectors, termials, fasteners, buckles, hooks, rings and hardware attachments available.

ItemNo: LY-2LE-W02P-10/Per-Piece