Elastic Lanyards: Wholesale: Stretchy Round Cords with Two-Ends and Two Metal Tips

Elastic Lanyards!
Stretchy Cord Neck Lanyards!

In Stock Size: 1/16"(D)x32"(L)

In Stock Colors: White

These elastic lanyards come with two ends. There are metal tips at each ends of the elastic cord for hook-up to our badge holders. The stretchy elastic cord lanyards are one of our high quality, low cost items sold at wholesale prices to the general public, wholesalers or individuals.
As long as the plastic vinyl badge holders, name tags, or rigid plastic ID cards come with holes 1/16" or bigger in diameter, then the elastic cord lanyards can go though easily.

Great Package Deal: Pre-Assembled Elastic Cord Lanyards + 4"(w)x3"(h) Vinyl Plastic Badge Holders

Easy Add-On: 4"(w)x3"(h) Vinyl Plastic Badge Holders

ItemNo: LY-EC32/Per-Piece
Market Price $0.85
Your Factory Direct Wholesale Price Low as $0.09 / each
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For Larger Order 100,000+ Please Call 1-800-921-5523 or
Email To sales@usalanyards.com  For Best Offer and Delivery Schedule, Thanks!

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