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Wrist Strap, Wrist Band and Wrist Lanyard Supplies
Wrist Straps, Wrist Bands and Wrist Lanyards Supplies
Wrist Strap, Wrist Band and Wrist Lanyard Supplies
Multifunctional and Easy-To-Use.
We design and make wrist straps, wrist bands and wrist lanyards. The wrist straps or wrist lanyards are great for holding keys, small devices, meters, tools and accessories. Depending on the specific application, our wrist lanyards can be made of nylon, fabric, rubber, leather as well as other materials.

As a factory-direct wholesaler, designer and manufacturer, we are capable of providing wrist lanyards, wrist bands and wrist straps for miscellaneous applicaions at low wholesale cost. We also sell complete wrist lanyards and individual parts, such as lanyard hooks, nylon straps, d-rings, o-rings, buckles and hardware for lanyard making to accommodate to your individual needs.